General information

Our company Solomonto PLC was created in 2005 in the small alpine country of Liechtenstein by 5 former employees of the public administration, with th aim of providing consultancy services for the large infrastructural projects at the time, financed by the ISPA program. Nowadays, the company is business advisory in the area of EU co-financing projects, where we do viability estimations, law and financial consulting, project preparation and the subsequent projects management.

Types of projects

Agriculture - regulations, requirements, financing and insurance for agricultural sector

Infrastructure - cost and benefit estimations, SWOT and TER analysis of the prospective projects

Energy - renewable and conventional energy trends, investments in new and existing power grids

Manufacturing - EU co-financing for manufacturing of added-value products as the basis for growth

Environment - clean environment programs, purification plants and measuring equipment delivery

Companies part of Solomonto Investment Holding AG – Liechtenstein

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Polycart Packaging PLC -

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Gammapack INTL -

Vivipa Promotional -

Infosec Print Management -

Polycart Luxury Packaging -

PCCE Germany -

Gamma Paper and Plastic -

Printos Bulgaria -

Promohit Mass Customisation -

Consulting Practices

EU Funding

  • Project Financing
  • Financial, Energy and Information Audits
  • European Investment Bank Co-Financing
  • Venture Capital Financing
  • Media Campaigns for EU Funds

Business Advisory

  • Company Paperwork
  • Accountancy
  • Import-Export Papers
  • Certifications

Partners in Bulgaria

Coca Cola HBC

Monsanto Bulgaria

Actavis Group

LEGO Europe